Newcastle loss has put a bit of a doubt in the head of Francesco Guidolin

The Newcastle loss has put a bit of a doubt in the head of Francesco Guidolin as he now reckons his team’s current tally of points doesn’t ensure safety.

The victory against the Blues at the Liberty Stadium eight days back had made Guidolin declare his side safe.

With an extremely confident tone that evening, the 60-year old man from Italy had said that the Swans had reached the point where they could believe they were virtually safe.

That was probably not the right statement to make for Guidolin especially at that stage because a manager’s statement always influences the players.

When you, as the team’s boss, come out saying we are safe, it might go down in the change room as the signal that the job is done even if that is not what you are suggesting with your statement.

And, it showed at Newcastle. It was a pretty feeble going from the Swans and one could feel that that they were not playing the game with any real meaning.

The manager probably himself felt the same too and that’s why, he sounded shaken when he talked to media.

Guidolin emphasized how things could change unexpectedly in soccer if a team doesn’t have its foot on the gas all the time.

In the words of the 60-year old coach, who is pursuing his maiden assignment in UK, “Proper awareness of the situation is needed right now. We still don’t have total security from mathematical perspective.”

“I can’t say we should achieve this certain figure, I mean we are at 40, so maybe a couple more, maybe even more than that, you never know with this game. It’s very particular and full of surprises. There is no time to breathe easy.”