Veteran Everton defender Leighton Baines says the Everton players all wanted Ronald Koeman to lead them.

Baines himself was in and out of the team in the last campaign as he had ankle injuries but is already back in training at Finch Farm. Baines, who rarely commented on issues at the club, said Koeman was the right deal to move the club forward.

Baines who has been with the club for almost a decade, sharing highs and lows, said he hopes the new boss would ensure the club moved forward. He revealed that the whole team received the appointement well as Koeman was the one “everyone was hoping for.”

He further revealed that the players had given up on the tactics of former coach Roberto Martinez. At half time during the FA Cup semi-final, Baines was heard on the tunnel camera talking about Everton making an already big Wembley pitch, even bigger. There were a lot of reports that when Martinez was sacked, a lot of senior team players and even Martinez’s staff were all up on each other, with players leaving the training. Baines opines that the whole situation would be different with Koeman.

Baines, who is a very respected voice in the training room also enjoys a lot of love from the fans, said the reputation of Koeman speaks for himself and that he would be delighted to work with him. The support is believed to be a huge boost for Koeman as he assumes a huge task at the club. The full back also added that he still had a lot to offer the club. He knows the manager would likely bring in new players that might even threaten his shirt but he just wants success for the club in the long run.