West Bromwich Albion’s coach Steve Clarke is enjoying the last season of his 2 year deal contract with the club and according to the Sporting and technical director of the English club, they will only discuss and talk about having a contract extension in new year.

Richard Garlick, sporting and technical director at the Baggies, said:

“Steve’s contract situation was discussed at last month’s board meeting. We decided we would open talks with him in the New Year which, historically, we feel is the appropriate time to address such matters. Steve is aware of our plans and has told us he is comfortable with the situation.”

Sreve Clarke later went on and talked about the club’s current situation and his future.

“It’s the part of the season where we have to pick up some points,” said Clarke, who became the latest in a series of Baggies bosses to experience a mid-season struggle last term.It’s been levelled at the club over the last three or four years that they haven’t picked up enough points’’.

“It will be interesting to see what happens this year because at the moment we still need plenty of points.”

It seems that West Bromwich Albion will wait for the outcome of the last remaining matches of this year before making a decision concerning their head coach Steve Clarke who is still undecided about whether or not he will remain with the club for another year.

West Bromwich finished in the 16th place last season which a disappointing outcome is taking into consideration their previous 5th spot during the season of 2011-12. Now they are currently sitting in the middle section of the Premier League standings with 14 points secured so far.