Antonio Conte works more on Player Mindset

Generally you expect a coach to try and ease the nerves of his boys in the locker room, but, Antonio Conte, at times, himself tries to make some hype around certain matches.

Conte reckons that because of him being a former player himself, he doesn’t have to try too hard to understand how a player’s mind-set tends to be like at different stages. There are moments when the guard of a player just drops down a little bit.

In the opinion of Conte, it generally happens when the opposition is of a small stature and you feel unthreatened by it.

If the big boys are there to battle against, then there is enough hype around the encounter itself and at that time, you actually have to look to ensure that the team doesn’t get too anxious.

But, against a minnow, it’s completely different. There is no such hype and that’s where there is the danger that the sense of complacency may creep in and the players may not approach the game with the right kind of mind-set.

So, in those moments, he looks to up the ante and tries to make the atmosphere of the camp a little heavy so that everyone gets geared for the game and any upsets are avoided.

As per Conte, one thing that he always keeps telling his boys that it takes plenty of weeks and plenty of performances to get into a formidable position and in a position of winning the league, but, that all can be ruined by a couple of bad weeks. So the key is to maintain what you have built.

Chelsea’s next opponent is Swansea and they had actually denied them three points the previous time they had gone loggerheads with them. But, this time Conte clearly wants to go for the kill.